Polices and Expectations

1) Parents are expected to be at the studio as soon as their child’s class is dismissed.  (Teachers are responsible for students during their scheduled class time.)  If you are running late, please call.  Parents are also responsible for their child at any community event.

2) Regular attendance is important to the students’ and class’ progress.  However, a student may make-up a missed class by attending an extra class comparable to their own within a month of their absence.   

3) Students are expected to be attentive and respectful in their classes.  Inappropriate behavior will be discussed with the student and parent.

4) In order to maintain the best learning environment Dance Unlimited upholds an atmosphere of mutual respect between all students, teachers and parents.  Any issue that arises will be handled accordingly.  We reserve the right to dismiss anyone who is disrespectful to our staff, students or property at any time.

5) Special parent’s observation will be the week before our holiday break and Costume Week, usually in March or April.  If necessary, young students may have parents in the room during the first week or two.  Observing the class at other times within the room is not allowed.  We do have viewing windows.  (Students often become distracted if others are in the room.)  We want to keep the students comfortable so they will do their best.  Visiting grandparents are always welcome to observe.  
6) A newsletter will be emailed every few months, also, please check your child’s bag for any notes.  Please read the emails and newsletters carefully, as they are often the only means of communicating with all of the parents at once. 

7) Dance Unlimited occasionally posts class pictures on our website or our facebook page.

1) Gum, food and drinks are not allowed in the dance/gym rooms.  

2) Jewelry is not allowed during class, this includes bracelets, hoop earrings, dangle rings, necklaces, etc.)

3) Students must wait inside the lobby for their parents after class. 

4) Parents of children under four should come near the dance room at the end of class to take them home.  Please reinforce to your children that if you are not there at the end of class to stay with their teacher.  We will take them into our next class with us.

5) Running is not allowed.  Dancers must be cautious while wearing tap shoes.

6) Each parent is responsible for his or her child at any community event.

7) No one is allowed in the dance/gymnastics rooms without an instructor who is prepared to start class. 

8) Dance shoes are not to be worn outside, except for special performances.  Outside shoes are not to be worn in the dance rooms.

The studio does not cover medical insurance for its students or their families.  Such coverage should be carried by the family's own insurance policy.  If an injury occurs, parents/guardians should understand that your policy is your only source of reimbursement

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